Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Mr. Mom job sucks

The wife's been gone for two weeks now and may not be back for a couple more. That means I'm Mr. Mom. This job sucks. Never, in twenty-eight+ years of marriage have I told her I wanted her job, yet it seems like I get stuck with it for six or seven weeks a year while she's down south at her sister's house. Last night I had to make something for dinner, so I decided on stuffed bell peppers. Here's a picture of how they turned out. I will have to say, they tasted pretty good. The youngest daughter was here to help me eat them and she said we should have them more often. That's good: a kid saying we should eat a vegetable dish more often. Yeah, there was bell pepper, rice, tomatoes and corn in there, but there was hamburger as well, so I did meet the "dead animal for dinner" requirement. I just can't see the sense of cooking if there's not some kind of roasted flesh on the plate when you're done.

I spent five straight days working on the shop; trying to get it finished so I can get the final inspection done on it. I'll be out there again this next week, although not every day as I have some teaching to do down at the college. Hard to pass up the easy money. I spent the last two Saturdays teaching a basic fireline safety class to all the contractors who want to sign up for fire assignments this year. The hardest part of that class is staying awake while the other instructors are speaking. It's not that they're bad speakers, I just find it difficult to keep my eyes open in a darkened room while sitting in a comfortable chair. It simply seems natural to want to nod off. I will say that "work" was a lot easier than the digging of two hundred and twenty feet of trench, placing of water line, back-filling and compacting that I did on Friday. That working for a living sucks!


  1. Yep Gene, those stuffed peppers do look darned good! (I'd have to forgo the corn though as it does bad, bad things to my innards!)
    And the nodding off while listening to lectures, speeches and for me, sitting in a doctor's office too, seems to be the norm any more! I don't care if I'm seated in a comfy chair or one that makes my back ache like toothache, I still fall asleep anyway!

  2. Asking you to cook it again is high praise. The meal must have tasted really good.

    Hang in there - she'll be home before you know it!