Thursday, March 4, 2010

Embed a YouTube video into Blogger

For you Jeni:

Find a YouTube video you want to share. Directly to the right of the video box there's some blue lettering marked "embed". Click on that so it's higlighted, right click the mouse and copy the code. Go to your blog page and start a new post. At the top of your blog post dialog box you will already be in the "compose" tag. Click the "edit HTML" tag. Click in the dialog box and paste your code into it. Click on the "compose" tab and you'll see the video in your new post. You can click in that dialog box and hit enter a few times to give yourself some room above the video so you can type what you want. Let me know if that works for you.

Here's my absolute favorite video for you.


  1. Hi Gene! Thanks for the info about youtube video postings. I could kick myself because I had the information but where I had it stored, I can't get to it now because my e-mail mailbox is so full and well, the cursor won't go to the box where the info is stashed. I suppose there's a way to get to the mailbox but darned if I know what it is. So anyway, thank you so much for your help.

    And by the way -I never stopped thinking you wouldn't return to your blog so I kept you on my reader all along! All you had to do was post and poof, up came your blog on my Reader and I was right back in step with you and your blog. Readers are darned good things. Also, and this bugs me really a lot -but from when you, Vic Grace and some others were writing portions for the Tuckerville thing, I had your e-mail addy in my address book but tonight, I wanted to write to you directly but be darned if I could find your address. Maybe I'm just getting too darned senile to be trusted on a computer these days.

    And as to the grandkids -occasionally we do have a quiet, calm and very peaceful day but usually they are a bit on the rare side -especially the "Quiet" aspect anyway. Calm/peaceful does happen with a bit more frequency than it did in the past -just not frequently enough. When I post about some days that they have been really wicked or extremely active, always remember my words then about the kids are usually said with a bent towards sarcastic humor. Sorry though I can't say the same applies to when I make mentions of my son-in-law though. Oh well, make the best of what right now is a ridiculously bad situation with him and in time, this too shall pass. That's my basic motto in life ya know.

    Glad to see you back to blogging -and again, thanks a bundle for the help.

  2. No problem Jeni. I knew it wasn't too difficult, but I couldn't remember exactly how to do it so I Googled it and there it was. If I can figure it out it has to be easy. LOL!!

  3. Oh and Gene -thanks too for the video! That was truly beautiful and easy to see why it's your favorite one. I loved it too!